samedi 25 octobre 2014

"Enjoy the Glacier" Les Deux Alpes 3.600m

"Enjoy the Glacier" 3.600m Les 2 Alpes, France.
Unforgettable North wind session.
Super snowpack up-there.
Stuning background and summits.
I met Johann, Hugues, Berty.
Kite HQ M8 Montana 14m.
Snowkiting way of life (y)

jeudi 23 octobre 2014

First 2014/2015 snowkiting session

First real snowshower on Europe during last wednesday.
So I went for the first snowkiting session here in the French Alps on thursday 23.
As usual in autumn, the fresh powder snow was directly on the ground with grass, stones, bush, rough, so not really easy for skiing.
Anyway, it was really cool to have the first runs and kiting uphill from the road we can see in the background of the photo 1.
The spot is called "La Croix de Fer" and it's the boarder between Isère and Savoie.
We start near the car parked, about 1.800m and after hiking 5mn, crossing a river on a wood bridge, we launch the kite and go for the session.
The wind was blowing super strong and gusty, about 5-30 knots which is really hard for snowkiting.
I used the 8m HQ Montana M8 and old skis as the snowpack was not so safe.
Well, the 2014/2015 snowkiting season is ON !!!


mercredi 15 octobre 2014

1st snowkiting session on the glacier

October 15th, first 2014/2015 snowkiting session on the glacier 3.600m
Always dangerous to go kiting on the glacier.
Lot of crevasses around and not easy to see as they are often covered of thin snow roof.
Anyway, it was great to have some cool runs in the fresh powder snow.
Wind was blowing South about 10 knds.
My photo camera got the battery flat immediately as I forgot to switch it Off in the evening when I prepared it for the session.
So here is the only one picture I can show unfortunately.
If the snow doesn't come to our mountains during the next autumn weeks, we'll have to go again snowikting on the glaciers in France or abroad.
Stay tuned.

dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Snowkiting the glacier

Hi all.
Summertime isn't the best snowkiting season actualy.
But some glaciers in the Alps are open for summercamps and international ski-racing training-weeks.
Of course the skipass is expansive and once again, this is not really into the core snowkiting spirit...
But this occasion serves for super cool snowkiting sessions with unbelievable landscapes.
All glacier ski-resorts in the Alps are about 3.500m and that's the case for the one near my place.
This one is called "Glacier du Jandri" near La Grave and Les 2 Alpes.
The snowkting spot is situated right between these two famous ski-resorts but this is a mountaineering playground so no rescue staff here and if you decide to get up-there for a session, you'll have to do it under your own risks.
No mobile phone connection here...
Lot of crevasses around and you do know that the more dangerous of them are not seen but covered by a thin slice of snow called roof and which will break when the snowkiter will cross the area.
So, even if we can see wonderful snowy endless slopes, never go there with your kite and keep safely on the top of the dome called "Col de la Girose" or "Dome de la Lauze". Check out the map and keep careful with that info.
Anyway, if you stay on the top of the glacier, where there is quite no crevasse risks, you'll go kiting surrounded by a stunning landscape.

Famous peak La Meije, or Le Râteau, and as well Pic de La Grave, seem so close than you feel like touching them with your hand.
The session will be very often above the clouds and we can think to be on the top of the world.
What amazing is the view here and especialy with a colored kite cruising in the air and the kiter drawing is own track on the snow.
During this july 5th, the snow was soft as the 0°c kept about 3.700m, but three days ago (I couldn't get up there) that was 30cm fresh powder snow and I guess snowkiting would be a real dream.
Don't think to cruise for so much long distance as the spot is pretty small.
Look at my Kitetracker file, this is not the best of the season...
But you can be sure that if you are lucky enough to have such cool session, you'll never forget it for all your life.

The wind during this session was N/W 5-10 knots so strong enough for cruising and not too much to get afraid.
But at this high elevation, we never know and the wind can increase super fast so always keep ready to pack and go skiing back to the resort quickly if the bad weather comes.
The snowpack was the best I saw during all these past years.
Lot of large areas with only rocks two or five years ago are now covered with perfect 50cm or 1m snow.
I went up-there with my loved Frenzy Ultralite 13m as the forecast was due to be super gentle wind.
OK, if you are motivated enough, I mean : my kind of snowkiting junky, don't hesitate to check out if there is any glacier near your place, get your snowkiting gear ready, find all the safety infos you can collect about your spot, and enjoy the best skiing sport ever : SNOWKITING !!!
Have great sessions mates.

vendredi 16 mai 2014

Pic de l'Etendard

Super two days in La Croix de Fer, 14 & 15 may.
Great snow conditions.
Good N/E wind.
Lot of clouds and fog but some very  nice moments with blue sky.
Here is the GPS track :

The red point shows the place I landed the kite.
Pic de l'Etendard 3.380m.
I went twice up-there today.


jeudi 27 mars 2014

HQ Powerkites week in Norway

In Geilo and Hardangervidda for a week of photoshooting with the HQ Powerkites team mates.
New "White Kite Sessions" and video coming in october about these super days.

vendredi 21 mars 2014

Winter Arctic Kite Camp

A super cool week in Lofoten islands, northern Norway, for the Winter edition of the Arctic Kite Camps organized by Kari Schibevaag and Marion Franzen.
You can have a look at lot of pictures while clicking the image above.