lundi 30 avril 2012

Galibier Express Video

A super warm south wind was blowing more than 30 knds for four days non-stop here in the southern Alps in France.
We went twice to the Galibier Peak near the Lautaret Pass.
Unfortunately the snow was melting so fast that it became impossible to go skiing with any pleasure.
We are now waiting for the fresh and colder conditions to go snowkiting again in the mountains.
Wait and see what will happen above 2.000m elevation.
New infos coming soon.



samedi 21 avril 2012

Col Agnel

Session de printemps au Col Agnel.
Vent pas sympa.
Neige très abondante et de bonne qualité.
Les nuages sont arrivés très vite et ont envahi le ciel totalement.
Jour blanc complet, visibilité nulle du relief, danger en cas de corniches de neige ou de cassures.
Trop d'heures de route pour ce spot.


mercredi 11 avril 2012

40cm snow shower :-)

Cool mid-april winter.
We had more than 40cm fresh powder snow last night.
Johann Civel, Lautaret Pass.
Keeping close to the forest to avoid any avalanche risk.

Easter Odyssey Video

The video about our session in Cervières, Hautes-Alpes, France.


A movie with the best high-mountain snowkiting uphill run ever.


lundi 9 avril 2012

Spring snowkiting

The snowkiting season is not over.
We have still two good monthes for huge sessions.
Some high-mountain spots are now reachable because of the snow melting on the too long way to get up there during the core winter.
On this picture, Johann Civel from the Ride Up crew will go further up with his kite to the summit, land the kite at the top, pack, and then freeride down the same way back.

This action, with lot other strong ones, will be available on video soon.

Stay tuned.