lundi 16 novembre 2009

16-11-2009. COL CROIX DE FER

Well, here is another super spot which is available because of the super early snowfalls late october.
The road to get there is closed in winter.
And that would be more than six hours hiking to reach the spot.
At the moment, there is enough snow at the pass and the road is OK to drive along a very nice and huge lake.
We went there twice, both with the South wind which is the best here, even if North wind would be cool as well.
At the top of the mountain, the road goes to different directions, one is to Glandon Pass and the other is to Croix de Fer Pass.
Both are nice for snowkiting as the backcountry snow-fields are situated between the two roads.
Check the two movies about this super spot, we won't be able to come back up-there untill april or may, when the snow leaves the road in spring. Click the links below :




dimanche 8 novembre 2009

08-11-2009, Col du Sabot.

A huge snowfall very early in the season, more than 50cm at this spot Le Col du Sabot, France.
Normally we can't go snowkiting early november. It's only 1.900m altitude.
Well, for this session, the spot is south so we had to hike two hours and half to get to the top and find the North wind blowing.
Not super fine weather, lot of fog, but some sunshine parts in the afternoon, before the next snowfall !!!
check the movies at the Vimeo Channel WHITE KITE NEWS :



A few days later, the warm South wind blew during more than ten days so all the super powder snow is gone.
We managed to come back but the landscape was completely different.
The South wind is a lot better for this spot as we don't need to hike.
And the road was easy to drive as well, no more snow up there.
Check this next movie with some freestyle shots :



samedi 7 novembre 2009

Lautaret 06 novembre.

North wind session at Lautaret Pass yesterday.
Not really the best wind direction here..
Not so much snow but pretty hard and safe.
Few centimeters of fresh powder as well.
Cold, grey sky, super-gusty wind in the morning, then sunshine but wind stoped in the afternoon.
This session was a cool moment for me, cruising around without any stress, enjoying huge and clear landscapes.
Here is the snowkite I like !!!
check the video below :

mercredi 4 novembre 2009

Red Bull Mobile phone.

Snowkiting on the Red Bull mobile phones screen.
Photo of mines, Guillaume Chastagnol in Bernina Pass, Switzerland.

Endless Snowpark # 3

Third movie about freestyle snowkiting.
Chasta at home in Le Casset, a huge field just behind his house.
Before jumping over a road, please, check out if no truck is coming...
Check out the video below :

Here Guillaume is kiting the Manta 12m with a gentle north wind.
At the end, this is a 540 rotation on a complete flat snow field.
Snowkiting allows us to go for freestyle everywhere.
It turns the backcountry into an endless snowpark.
Chasta rules !!!

mardi 3 novembre 2009

Snow is Back !!!

The snow is dumping here in France.
Snow-fall started yesterday, it was so hard this morning to remove all the snow on the car... And that kept dumping all the day long. Tomorrow is as well bad weather with snow above 1.500m, so big session at Lautaret Pass due on thursday with gentle West wind. I will be with my friend GG and for sure some other gunners.
Friday will be super sunshine but really cold, a lot below zero, and North wind 15knots.
We'll have to find a cool place for north snowkiting spot, as Lautaret Pass is not so good with North conditions.
Soon on White Kite News !!!
Stay tuned.

My snowkiting videos Album

All my videos from last winter and the few ones from the early 2010 season are into the same snowkiting album now at Vimeo :

Save this adress so you will be kept updated when next movies will come out.

dimanche 1 novembre 2009

Kinder Snowkite #1

All along this winter, I will try to show how snowkiting is really cool and definitely not dangerous.
By the way, children are welcome and all is ready to help them starting with complete safety.
Super small kites like 1m or 1,5m, total depower, really easy to make flying.
Here is a short movie about the first attempt of Kailea, Chasta's daughter, 8 years old, during her first session in Italia.

Next movies will show Kailea going a lot better with her 4m kite Access XT just in front of huuuge mountains.