jeudi 27 février 2014

2014 Ozonesnowkitemasters in Bernina Pass #3

A free-session in Bernina Pass one day before the first competition, RACE, in Silvaplana.
Click the photo above to see the video.


mardi 25 février 2014

2014 Ozonesnowkitemasters #2

Preparing the OSKM.
Sticking the poster around.
Short session at Lake Sylvaplana.

Click the photo to see the video !!!


lundi 24 février 2014


Short movie about the Bernina Pass area before the competition.

mercredi 19 février 2014

Lautaret Not E-SE

Unfortunately, the warm weather went to our mountains around Grenoble, so we have to drive to the Lautaret Pass again for sessions with fresh powder snow.
Yesterday, the forecast was good from all websites for a perfect E-SE wind which is the best to reach the famous ridge Galibier and 3 Evêchés.
But once on the spot, the wind was really South and no way to get to the Galibier area.
We kept on the Lautaret spots with a strange and gusty wind but a super powder snow and even with cloud cover, a couple of nice blue sunbeams.

We first enjoyed the spot near Le Jardin Alpin with south wind.
Lot of kites as the E-SE wind days on the forecast are definitely not to be missed.
Here is Gauthier in the powder.

At the end of afternoon, we found this place behind the ****Hotel des Glaciers, with about 60cm light fresh powder and cool wind for a mega hill-gliding session.
Here is Francis flying around.
I stopped when I couldn't come on after 6 hours snowkiting.
Another super snowkiting day.


jeudi 13 février 2014

Lautaret holidays

Another best snowkiting day at the Lautaret pass.
Two days of strong snowstorm and the road to the pass closed.
First day with blue sky and so cool fresh powder.

Great to have our HQ Powerkites big boss Jan-Hendrik here with us.

And smooth towing session with Alix.


dimanche 9 février 2014

"European Snowkite Contest" online mag

The online mag about 2014 European Snowkite Contest in Roccaraso.
Click the front-cover pic to read the mag.


mercredi 5 février 2014

"European Snowkite Contest" Roccaraso, vidéo.

Here is the video about our week in Italy, Abruzzo mountains, Roccaraso ski resort.
Special issue #18 about the event will come out sooner or later.
Stay tuned mates.