vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Goodbye Chairlifts #2

Well, we don't know if we can write Goodbye Chairlifts 2009#2 or 2010#2.
We are now into the 2010 winter season.
And the 2009 number is used for the footage from last winter.

So, after the super early snow at Lautaret Pass last week, unfortunately the warm weather blew an all the snow is gone now...
No more snowkiting session at Lautaret Pass untill the next snow-fall.

But, I've been lucky, I had to work on the main glacier here, not really far from Lautaret, in Les 2 Alpes ski-resort.
At the altitude 3.600m, there is a huge pass, called Dôme de la Lauze, connecting Les 2 Alpes to the slopes on the north side of the mountains in La Grave ski-resort.
This is a pretty dangerous place as lot of crevasses are on the way.
I come here a couple of times during the summer for my work on the snowpark so I can keep in mind the safe places and as well the other with the big crevasses. So when the pass is covered with fresh snow in autumn I know where to go snowkiting or where it is very dangerous and definitely not to go across.

Here is a short video showing how quiet was this session.
It was my first time with the Ozone Manta III 12m and I get immediately stocked with this so perfect kite.
A little bit too much powerful for my gentle style snowkiting spirit, so I'll have to be careful this winter if the wind increases a step.

But, today, when I'm writing to you, the cold weather is back already, it's snowing hard when I look threw my window, so next sessions won't be anymore at this dangerous place.
Lautaret Pass will be our favourite spot.
See you soon !!!

mardi 27 octobre 2009

Endless Snowpark #2

Second issue of our serie about Freestyling.
The "Step-Up, 360° Back, Tail-grab" by my friend Chasta.
Lautaret pass, spot La Pyramide.
So what this trick is like ?
Step-Up that means Chasta will jump up-hill a windlip here at La Pyramide. He will jump from the bottom to the top. Which is not so usual.
360° Back, that means Chasta will do a rotation 360°, and Back means that he will show his back first to the trick direction. The other rotation is Front, which means that Chasta would show his front body to the trick direction.
And then, Tail-Grab, means that Chasta grab the tail of the board.

Check the trick out on the video below at VIMEO :

Ready to try it ?
Don't hesitate.

lundi 26 octobre 2009

First 2010 snowkiting session !!!!

We've been lucky this year, the snow is coming really early, end of october at Lautaret Pass.
That's not so usual.
So, a few of us enjoyed the fresh powder.
The question is : Can we hope that this early snow will stay here during the further weeks ?
Let's wait and see.
Check the video below, about this incredible session :

Damned, the warm wind is already blowing here...

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

22 october. Endless Snowpark #1

First of the serie about freestyle in snowkiting.
To show what snowkiters can do along backcountry.
Finding windlips, rocks, cliffs, hutts, to slide, fly, jump, having fun.

Guillaume Chastagnol, in Italia, Abruzzes, during the "Chasta Days 2009" event, jumping over a big rock in Roccaraso, with a 900° rotation, indy grab, then massive kiteloop after landing. Chasta rules !!!

Next ones coming along this 2010 winter.

Stay tuned.

mardi 20 octobre 2009

Snowkite. C'est parti !!!

Un court film de snowkite, inaugurant une série avec des thèmes dont voici le premier : "Goodbye Chairlifts".

mardi 6 octobre 2009

Un peu de kitesurf.

C'est à Monteynard, sur notre lac local, un petit 360° back, filmé par Lucie.
Je vais reprendre le montage vidéo en prévision de l'hiver.
Ce film est un entraînement pour organiser les innombrables éléments nécessaires au montage.
Affaire à suivre.