samedi 25 octobre 2014

"Enjoy the Glacier" Les Deux Alpes 3.600m

"Enjoy the Glacier" 3.600m Les 2 Alpes, France.
Unforgettable North wind session.
Super snowpack up-there.
Stuning background and summits.
I met Johann, Hugues, Berty.
Kite HQ M8 Montana 14m.
Snowkiting way of life (y)

jeudi 23 octobre 2014

First 2014/2015 snowkiting session

First real snowshower on Europe during last wednesday.
So I went for the first snowkiting session here in the French Alps on thursday 23.
As usual in autumn, the fresh powder snow was directly on the ground with grass, stones, bush, rough, so not really easy for skiing.
Anyway, it was really cool to have the first runs and kiting uphill from the road we can see in the background of the photo 1.
The spot is called "La Croix de Fer" and it's the boarder between Isère and Savoie.
We start near the car parked, about 1.800m and after hiking 5mn, crossing a river on a wood bridge, we launch the kite and go for the session.
The wind was blowing super strong and gusty, about 5-30 knots which is really hard for snowkiting.
I used the 8m HQ Montana M8 and old skis as the snowpack was not so safe.
Well, the 2014/2015 snowkiting season is ON !!!


mercredi 15 octobre 2014

1st snowkiting session on the glacier

October 15th, first 2014/2015 snowkiting session on the glacier 3.600m
Always dangerous to go kiting on the glacier.
Lot of crevasses around and not easy to see as they are often covered of thin snow roof.
Anyway, it was great to have some cool runs in the fresh powder snow.
Wind was blowing South about 10 knds.
My photo camera got the battery flat immediately as I forgot to switch it Off in the evening when I prepared it for the session.
So here is the only one picture I can show unfortunately.
If the snow doesn't come to our mountains during the next autumn weeks, we'll have to go again snowikting on the glaciers in France or abroad.
Stay tuned.