dimanche 21 février 2010

Lautraet Pass.

I go for the fresh powder windlip !!!

Powder session with my friends GG and Johann.
Lot of people on the roads because of the winter hollidays.
N/W wind 20 knds, very cold light powder, super snowkiting session.

GG & Johann in the Combeynod ridge.

jeudi 18 février 2010

Chastadays2010. Abruzzo # 3

Here is the 3rd movie about our week in Italia, Abruzzo, Ovindoli ski resort, Park Hotel.



See you soon.

samedi 13 février 2010

Chastadays2010. Abruzzo, Italia.

We've been in Italia for one cool week, near Roma, the Abruzzo mountains.
In the resort Ovindoli, at the Park Hotel where all the Ozone Italia crew was chilling.
Awsome place for snowkiting.
Very wide landscapes and lot of snow.
Depending of the wind, we went to some different spots and that was a new kind of session every day.
The best is Monte Freddo ridge at the top of the Monte Magnola gondola.
Unfortunately, the wind for this huuge plateau was really light, less than 5knots, so although the viewes are great, the action moves are too slow for sure.
Anyway, that was a super event, and we all thank Stefano Gigli from ozoneitalia.com and Maximiliano the big boss of the resort.
The italian way of life is super amazing for us and we are always really happy to spend some days there.
I was stoked to meet my friend Massimo Di Ponzio and his family.
Massimo is a very special snowboard guide and you'll never forget him once you meet around.
Well, now I'm back home, and working on the videos from this wonderful week.
Check them out :



And now, it's time to enjoy the incredible fresh snow here near my village.
New movies coming soon.