jeudi 22 avril 2010

Alaska. 22nd april.

Lot of cloudy weather days here in AK.
Many days without any idea for snowkiting session because of such flat light.
Anyway, the AK way of life is really amazing for the frenchy Pascal...
We went yesterday to Willow Range or a snowkiting session, expecting the better weather in the late afternoon.
A super valley, long muggy road along a clear river, with some gold mines around, and a very large terrain for snowkiting.
Unfortunately, grey sky, snowy, wind blowing down the valley.
But great route of snowkiting in the bush, lot of white grouses flying around, river gaps, canyons for playing up, super good session actualy.
Fresh news coming soon.

Here is the link to a slideshow about the trip :


Don't hesitate to check it out every couple of days.

Alaska rules.

mardi 20 avril 2010

Alaska. 20th april.


Well, the blog has been out of order for few days.
Don't know why.
So here are some fresh news now.
No real snowkiting session yet.
All the time bad weather or no wind.
We moved from Anchorage to Big Lake, one hour driving to the north.
A short session on the lake but the rain arrived suddenly.
Yesterday, shooting session with all the guns available here from the crew...
Even the AK 47 !!!
Chasta is stucked in France because of the volcano in Iceland.
Let's see further on for next sessions.

jeudi 15 avril 2010

Alaska. 14th April

Anchorage Airport

Well, sorry I miss few days, few weeks, about up dating this page.
I will try to add the latest news soon.

So, now I'm in Alaska for snowkiting sessions.
Arrived yesterday 14th in Anchorage, stay in the Captain Cook Hotel.
Fresh infos evry day if I can connect.
Stay tuned.

A view of the Alaska mountains from the window during the flight from Seattle to Anchorage.