mardi 30 octobre 2012

Mont Barral.

Today, a southern wind snowkiting spot in the department La Drôme here in France.
That is a new area as we got up there for the first time and discovered all the slopes around.
Hiking for about 45mn and then snowkiting untill the sunset.
Special #4 "White Kite Sessions" issue coming out on friday.
Lot of photos, all useful details to reach this perfect place.


lundi 29 octobre 2012

Saint Honoré.

Cool snowkiting session on the gentle spot Saint Honoré, France, La Mure plateau.
Only 1.100m elevation but so much snow from the recent three days storm.
By the way I'm currently designing a special #3" White Kite Session"s about this day.
Coming out on next wednesday evening.

vendredi 19 octobre 2012

"White Kite Sessions" # 2.

The second issue of the "White Kite Sessions" online report is available here :


The report is about our session at La Croix de Fer on the 2012 october 15th.

Thank you for reading.


lundi 15 octobre 2012

La Croix de Fer

First session here at La Croix de Fer.
Not so bad about the snowpack.
Better than expected.
Cool north wind blowing all the day.
Lot of fog unfortunately, but blue sky coming about 4 PM.
Complete "White Kite Sessions" report coming soon.

Team-mates Laurent Hemard and Eric Jourdan near the summit of the spot.


lundi 1 octobre 2012

New "White Kite" webpage

All the "" webpages were designed for past years with Adobe Flash.
Last month, a friend of mine explained that the Flash pages are not available on the Apple mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad.
It seems that lot of windows laptop don't browse the Flash pages as well.
So, here is the new "WHITE KITE" with only .html elements.
Not so much files as the main informations are hosted on other sites like : Vimeo, Facebook, Issuu, Blogger.
The new "White Kite" page is now super light and easy going, perfect to reach quickly the News about what's going on.
Stay tuned during this further snowkiting winter.
Thank you for visiting.